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Yay! We got a lot done tonight. The laundry that is done is all folded and there is one load drying yet. The storage room is all super-organized and all the holiday stuff is put away.

We got some sad news though. It looks like Pres Man's car is on its last legs. We'll get to go car shopping, which is something neither of us are really looking forward to. But we've been looking some stuff up and we do have some money saved, so maybe it won't be too painful.

Meanwhile, I think the old car will be okay for limping around town. It's just grounded from highway driving. At least I hope that will be okay.

Tomorrow night we'll finish the clean-up and then we'll be ready for the visit. A piece of computer hardware that we didn't order arrived today, so it looks like BIL is also planning to fix up our old tower so it'll play netflix better. Cool.

I'm going to go pass out now.

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