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Tonight I have paid the electricity bill (Whoo hoo!), given a Shindigz catalog to D since her daughter is planning a wedding and sometimes they have cool stuff, fed the cat, and goofed off way too much on Ravelry. In other words, I have not done much.

It's time to get down to working on the house and I want to avoid that, but it's really really time.

I can't decide whether to unpack a box or go into Spair 'Oom first. I think Spair 'Oom wins, because it might involve laundry. Better to get that started right away.

I have decided that this year I adore the time change. I didn't have a hangover and I really like the light lasting until later in the evening.

Today was a really good day. I got a lot done and felt really good, aside from the scary adrenaline rush of responding to a medical emergency. But even that turned out okay (as far as I know) so yay!

To all trash, junk, mishomed items, and boxes in Spair 'Oom, gaze upon me and despair! I bring with me your cleanly doom!

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