kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

Knitting table

This is a really cool setup. I love seeing old junk repurposed so usefully.

Tonight I have made myself a bit useful, so I am going to take a small break to add my new yarn to my Ravelry stash and then go back into the fray. Tomorrow is the last "trash day" before the BIL and nieces show up, so I need to take advantage of that.

No knitting; I have given up that idea. I do not have time to get the house ship shape AND finish my gauntlets. So sad. But they will be done for next year.

I Skyped with my mom again tonight. She just loves that thing. She wants to show it off to her friends when they come over on Wednesday night. lol

She and my sister have decided they will Skype weekly on Sunday nights. Do I get a weekly Skype date with the sister? No, but that's okay.

I'm feeling a lot better this week. I guess all the rest over the weekend and the freak snowstorm getting itself out of the way released me from whatever was ailing me.

My right ear is feeling better tonight. I think I may have escaped a full-blown earache this time. Yay!

The snow is mostly gone now. And it's supposed to hit 70 degrees on Wednesday. Amazing.
Tags: knitting

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