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Maybe it's working; today I went to the Latest Posts page and didn't see a single porn posting. So maybe other people are following Azurelunatic's plan and we're making a dent. Or maybe LJ just got busy eliminating spammers due to the trouble they've been having with email notifications.

Either way, yay.

I got up this morning and immediately adjusted the clocks so tonight I won't show up for knitting an hour late. We should have a new person joining us tonight! She just moved to the area. We will be missing V, who has a birthday party to attend instead.

I'm taking my mitts to work on and hopefully will make some good progress.

Last night I called 911 because I kept hearing this loud motor. Sometimes it sounded like someone was mowing my roof, and sometimes it sounded like an airplane. It kept coming back again and again and I got worried/curious, so I called in. Turns out it was the highway patrol keeping an eye on all the drunk Fake Patty's Day attendees. It was hard to fall asleep with that recurrent racket, but I understand; someone has to save the stoopid students from themselves.

Today is Pie's birthday. He is 11! Old man.

I could so easily go back to sleep....
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