kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

Tonight after trying to fix an error in my mitt, I ended up frogging the entire thing and starting over. I didn't measure it before frogging, but it went from my wrist about three quarters of the way to my elbow. Very depressing to frog it, but I think ultimately it was the only way to be happy.

I redid the chart AGAIN and I think it's all correct now for the way she wants the pattern to work.

Tonight Koganei, Siliver Dragon, Pres Man, and I played Hero Quest and then when Kiwi arrived we played Castle Ravenloft. That game will punch you in the face, drag you down the hall, and kick you down the stairs. And then laugh at you. I think we may play it again next week.

Pie came down and met Kiwi, which was very nice. I think he's mainly over his fear of her as a "new person."

I've restarted the mitt and still hope to finish by Wednesday night.

With both of them.

Not gonna happen, but I have not accepted that yet.
Tags: knitting

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