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Today I woke up 15 minutes before my coworker's memorial service began. It was taking place about half an hour away. I feel like a jerk for missing it.

All day long drunk college students have been walking down our street. Apparently Fake Patty's Day (the Aggieville pre-Spring-Break drunkfest) is today and parking was so bad that people were parking all the way down by our house. We saw one guy who was really having trouble walking. I hope he got home okay. I'm not sure he could see.

It's funny; they started Fake Patty's Day because sometimes St. Patrick's Day was after Spring began, but this year St. Patrick's Day is prior to Spring Break. I guess since the week after this one is Spring Break, most of the students will be leaving sometime this coming week, so they'd still be gone for the "closest to St. Patrick's Day" weekend. Maybe we'll go to the parade next Saturday.

Tonight we're having another not-really-the-game night. It'll either be Dungeon Quest or Pres Mans' new game.

We saw Battle Los Angeles last night and it was okay. I don't think I would watch it again, but the music was by Brian Tyler and as you know I like his stuff.

Our internet has been in and out today. I am wondering if this is due to an overload on the internet in our area (Fake Patty's Day). Our network is secured, but there are enough free places in Aggieville that maybe there is a higher load than can be efficiently handled.

Or maybe some jerk is pirating our cable. That could be too.

I'm looking forward to Spring Break because it means my town will be cleaned out a bit for a week. Pres Man will have the majority of his days off and can hopefully make the house more presentable for the BIL's visit.

We need to fix Spair 'Oom so someone can sleep there, we probably need to fix the library because that's where our main computer is and he might try to do something with that, and of course the living room needs to be presentable.

I began to feel a lot better last night but today I'm dragging again.

I've decided to be a bit selfish and work only on my green fingerless mitts. I think I need some pull-back time for myself.

I lost my SD card converter for Astrid. I have no idea where it is. I had some pics on the phone that I wanted to share but that will have to wait until I find that or until I dig out a cord that will hopefully allow me to pull the pics off the phone.

I'm off to wash and block Koganei's mittens. I'll take pics with the actual camera before I hand them off. Yay for another picture for my Ravelry page.
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