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Things I did today

I stayed home from work, for one thing. I mentioned earlier that I thought I might have a kidney stone issue. It turns out that my suspicion was correct. This time was not nearly as bad as the first time; I had the stabbity pain in the front left side of my abdomen and aside from hurting like you would not believe (unless you've had this pain yourself), I was not too worried. I knew from the position of the pain that the stone was out of the kidney.

I later observed two stones that had been evacuated. Good deal.

And then today I woke up feeling really bad. I don't know if this is going to be typical stone aftermath, but I hope not. I had some pain, I had a little nausea, and I generally felt very crappy and tired. Which is weird, since I slept a TON on Sunday and Monday. Come to think of it, I think extreme tiredness was part of the pre-stone activity last time, too.

Anyway, I stayed home and slept. And the pain went away, the nausea went away, and I am feeling mainly okay now. Just a little draggy and really thirsty.

I missed my chiropractor's appointment; they called and we rescheduled for Monday.

I hung up the library sign and the clock in the bathroom. Since our upstairs walls seem to be plaster and lathe rather than drywall, I drilled little pilot holes with the handy dandy still charged up drill. Go me. I even put the drill and hammer away when I was done. Bonus.

I also did our federal taxes, including the first time homebuyer's stuff. I could not e-file due to that (they need your settlement statement) but we always mail our federal return anyway because Turbo Tax usually charges for that. This year I did not use their totally free version because I was concerned about the new house stuff, so I could have e-filed for free if I had not needed to mail in the stoopid settlement statement. LOL

I did not do our state return yet, though I know how much we should owe since Turbo Tax tells you that even if you don't do your state taxes completely with them (I deleted my state return before finishing so I wouldn't have to pay more). Kansas lets you do your taxes online through a state website.

I need to copy the settlement statement and put the return and all that stuff in an envelope and then I can mail it tomorrow. I will probably try to do our state return tonight yet.

And finally, I will try to finish the current knitting project. I made good headway last night but got bogged down in weaving in ends. Tonight I think I have a very good shot at getting that finished and ready to wash.

I'm drinking water now and bemoaning my kidney stones. I thought I had been doing such a good job of staying hydrated, but maybe not. Or maybe I'm taking in too much oxalate; I have been drinking tea a lot lately. I suppose it's time to go back to waterwaterwater all the time. :( At least there was no need for a hospital stay, lithotripsy, or even a doctor visit this time.

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