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Oh my Dog. Oh Don Piaaaanoooooo.

We went walking at the zoo today (in about 30 degree weather, thankfully without wind) and I am SO TIRED already. It was a good walk, but it was kind of depressing to find out that the zoo makes me tired again when I used to be so good at walking it.

See, our zoo is on the side of a hill, so there are lots of ups and downs and that is the killer for me. I don't walk inclines or stairs enough in day to day life. I think I may actually be sore from this tomorrow!

We renewed our zoo membership so we can go for free all year. We also get in free or at a discount in lots of other zoos with this membership, so that's cool. We really enjoy zoos.

We had not walked at the zoo since we moved (back in May 2010). Probably since before that. Oh Long John. Ohhhh Long Johnson.

A lot of animals were not out today (did I mention it was COLD?), but we did get to see the hyenas, which was cool. Also there is another baby chimp who is just TINY.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of zoo walking. Even though it was cold it felt good to be there again and to see all the animals that we remembered from before. Grumpy Emu (who was very grumpy today!), the black swans (we fed them), the Swift Fox, the Bobcats, the Tigers, and ONE Snow Leopard (I thought they LOVED this weather!).

I feel really proud that I did it and even though it may make me really tired for knitting tonight, it was worth it.

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