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I had a great time at TengaiCon yesterday. I dropped Pres Man off in the morning, hit the yarn store for "next project" yarn and another skein of one of the current project's colors (it was beginning to look like I might run out!), and I was very pleased to find the same dyelot was still available!

I wound the new yarn, checked stuff online, and oops! Time sure flies when you're having fun! It was 2:00 before I got to the Con, and I was supposed to feed Pres Man. I eventually fetched him some Subway and right after I did, his gaming group took a break for food. LOL I don't know if that was going to happen anyway or if me bringing him food made everyone else thirsty/hungry.

I spent most of my time at the Knitting Table with C. I met a couple of ladies who were in town for a LARP event and they had just happened upon the Con. They apparently go to LOTS of Cons and work at GenCon too. In a mover and shaker way, not a minor helper way. That was kind of awesome.

12Stargazers was working the Roll-To-Win table (in a very cool Steampunk hat) and her friend K was there as well. I got to talk to Quix and I kept bugging Addictsmystress's game because Pres Man was playing in it and I had to do occasional "husband checks." Am I pathetic?

Pres Man played in a Pathfinder game and a 4th Edition game. I'm glad he had a good time.

Other things I did yesterday: I set up the Ravelry group for the local SnB. I invited all the local knitters/crocheters I know (even the lady who borrowed a magazine from me and the girl who I knit with at the community fair one year). Addictsmystress and C were good enough to join already which is awesome, and the magazine lady joined as well. So perhaps tonight S and I will have more people knitting with us. I'm really pleased with myself for designing the graphics (they fit and did not get squished or stretched the way some groups' graphics have).

Friday night Pres Man and I went to Hobby Lobby and I got the makings of a sign stand for the Snb sign so that we can make it visible when we're out Knitting In Public. Unfortunately, it's not going to be done before tonight because I didn't charge up the drill in time and I need to do some drilling to make the stand.

But I will take the sign and maybe we'll be able to rig something tonight that will be good enough. Everyone who has said they might come tonight knows me already so they won't need a sign to find us. I'll just have to make sure I get there on time!

Today Pres Man and I are going to the zoo to renew our membership and do a zoo walk. Then I hope to do some boring house stuff before going to Knitting Night.

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