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I think I may look into adding a "pissed off" knitting icon. Lately I am really struggling with things that seem like they should be simple.

It's probably just a function of working with dark yarn on a badly-written pattern. Really I am nearly 50% done and I should be pleased with that.

S could not knit tonight due to work, so I'm at home slogging along on my own.

I watched Murder By Death online and it was not as funny as I expected. I think that most of what was supposed to be funny was Peter Sellers being Chinese. I found David Niven and Maggie Smith to be the best part of the movie.

Now I'm going to turn on Jane Eyre (the Librivox version) and listen to that while I try to calm down and continue knitting. I have fixed the problem so hopefully it will go smoothly now. It's just that I have frogged twice in the past 24 hours and I'm getting tired of picking up dropped stitches in black yarn.

Our living room lighting could stand to be a lot brighter.

Here's to finishing one half of this project TONIGHT!

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