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I shoveled snow tonight. I did the front and side porches, the walk to the street, and the walk across the front of our property. It was not hard shoveling since this snow is very light, but there was a LOT of it, so I had to stop and fling snow pretty frequently. Otherwise it just spilled over the top of the shovel where I would walk on it and tramp it down.

I left work a little early today; our supervisor told us to use our judgement and be safe. I left at precisely the right time, although I can't really take credit for it since when I left my desk and when I left the premises were two entirely different things. It took a long time to clean off my car! But the roads, despite being snow packed, had been freshly plowed so there was not a lot of deep loose snow to contend with and I had an uneventful trip home. I mean, it was slick, but nothing that made me white-knuckled. I had been expecting it to be a lot worse, and if I hadn't hit the streets right after the plows, it probably would have been.

Unfortunately, we have very little food in the house. We have chicken and Brussels sprouts, mainly. We are out of milk and I don't even have any powdered milk because that got thrown out when we moved and I have not needed any since then...So it's chicken and Brussels sprouts for dinner! And possibly mac & cheese; I think I saw one of those "doesn't require milk" versions in the cabinet.

The snow (which is very deep!) should taper off tonight and hopefully by the time I leave for work tomorrow it will be fairly decent. And after work I can get fudz to stock up the pantry. I'm thinking about making that hamburger/tatertot thing in my bean pot again.

I caught up with a couple of hometown friends on Facebook tonight and I also tracked down our wedding photographer (I think). I have been trying to get in touch with her about prints but I have not had any luck with her old email address or her cell phone (the cell number says the message box is full). So I sent her a friend request on Facebook and hopefully we will reconnect that way. Yes, we've been married nearly seven years and we still don't have our prints...which is mainly because I waited three or four years before ordering any. But she's got the proofs of the ones we want, and if nothing else I want those back so I can take them to Walgreens and copy them or something. But I think she'll do fine getting us the prints eventually. I just need to remind her.

And now I'm going to take some ibuprofen, turn on Jane Eyre, and do some knitting. I think I am afraid of this project (fear of failure) and I need to just grow a pair and get it done.

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