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I actually got up at a decent hour today (well, for me on a Sunday it was decent). I am feeling like I am mostly over my cold.

However, after a heavy nap this afternoon, I did not feel up to going out to Knitting so I messaged S. and just vegged on the couch. I've been making some progress on my new project, but it's all preknitting stuff so even though it will ultimately help, I feel like I have not done anything. I've read and reread the pattern, I've printed out enlarged and versions of the intarsia sections and I have added color so they're easier to follow. I've got a plan for how I'm going to do the colorwork sections and hopefully it will work on the first try.

Last night during our game (where we fought a dragon and so far have not won), I did some more painting on my treasure chest. I mainly did the black parts and touched up the blue sections. I still need to do more, but it's getting closer to the point where I can seal it and call it done.

I may line the chest; when I was home I looked at the full-sized one that inspired mine and it had a patterned blue shiny fabric inside. I am not sure yet if I will line it or not.

We ate at So Long Saloon before the game and it was good. I had the green chili cheeze with chicken with a side of their amazing potato salad. I'm glad that my appetite is returning, because I have more energy now that I'm eating, but on the other hand it's always cool after you're sick and your jeans are a little loose.

Right now I'm sitting here watching a Star Trek movie I don't even like (Nemesis) and I'm not knitting. But I'm going to change that. I'm going to turn off the TV, turn on my audio book of Jane Eyre, and start swatching for my project. I have to have it finished by February. It's not outside my abilities, but like most things it will probably take longer than I estimate.

We're supposed to be getting a ton of snow tonight/tomorrow/the next day. One of the schools in the area has already called off class tomorrow. We didn't go out and stock up on stuff today, which we may end up regretting. It's also supposed to be quite cold in the next couple of days, so we'll see how our little house holds up.

The cat is really needy right now; he follows me everywhere and wants to be at least halfway on my lap at all times. It must be the weather. Or it could be that this is the first weekend for a while that Pres Man and I have stayed in town, and the cat is relishing the change.

Holy crap I'm sleepy. I'm going to go to bed at a decent hour tonight since I'll probably have to take two hours to drive to work tomorrow in the snow.

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