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Wow. Now Pres Man has the cold too. His symptoms started about a day after mine, which either means his immune system is better at fighting off invaders, or I'm friendlier with his family and got infected sooner. ;)

So what do you do if you have a three-day weekend and you both have colds and you just want to sleep a lot with intermittent breaks for tissues and soup? Why, you go fetch your nieces in Wichita and take them back to their mom's house, of course!

We broke up the trip into two days, so it was not as hellish as it could have been. And let me say for the record that I'm glad we did it, because I know it was a big help to their dad (my BIL) and I love those girls so seeing them even briefly is enjoyable.

We went to stay the night with my aunt and uncle on Saturday, so that we would be closer to the pick-up point on Sunday. We had a great time with them; my aunt fed us twice, we watched Despicable Me and The Other Guys (we had seen neither previously), and my cousin came over with her little girl (four and a half). I told them in advance that I had a cold and they said to come over anyway, so I did. And I toted a box of kleenex with me everywhere I went. So smooth.

We had good driving weather, found each other reasonably quickly, and collected the girls. I think we drove all the way to their house without stopping. I think they were ready to get home.

Right after we dropped them off, Pres Man admitted to me that he was very tired and if I wanted to eat somewhere on the way home, he would be fine with that. I was not hungry (never that hungry with a cold) but I could tell he needed it so we went to an Olive Garden on the way home. OMG that was such a good idea of his. Chicken Gnocchi soup is always good, but when you have a cold it is extra-amazingly good. I think I may have been purring.

Thus replenished with energy and caffeine, we sallied forth and made it home in one piece. I think it was around 8 when we pulled in, and we were both ready to go to sleep. lol That's so sad.

Instead of passing completely out, we put The Golden Child on in the bedroom and watched that and then fell asleep. I love that movie.

So that was my weekend. Oh. And we didn't do anything New Year's Eve. We vegged out in the living room and managed to stay up until midnight (me, only because I napped from six until ten) and I was in bed by a quarter to one.

It hasn't been a hellish cold, just verra inconvenient. I owe Doqz some song recs, I need to work on stuff for SnB, and I STILL have Christmas gifts to mail. But I think the next thing I am doing will be taking another nap. I actually got up and left the house today, and now I'm done. Zzzzzz.

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